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In Loving Memory

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The names listed here are those of children who have died from the injuries inflicted upon them as a result of child abuse. While their lives were short we will forever remember. We have listed their names by year they died, then month, then state or country.

We list the first name of the child and the last initial only.

This list is by no means complete. The names have been taken from newspaper accounts. If you would like to request a name be added to our memorial, it must be submitted with a copy of the article, the name of the newspaper and the date.

Please send submissions to:
International Child Abuse Network (YesICAN)
7657 Winnetka Avenue #155
Canoga Park, CA 91306-2677


We mourn for the future we have lost due to the tragic end of these precious lives.
How much richer would our world have been?
How much brighter?

To these children,
the International Child Abuse Network
dedicates our website and our organization.
They will never be forgotten.

We proclaim to them and the world that we will pick up their flag and continue to fight until we can guarantee that there will never again be a child who must suffer abuse

In Loving Memory
Children we have lost
1990 - 1997

  • 1990

  • Francine M.

    10 months 1990 AZ
  • 1993

  • Christopher F.

    6 years 1993 MD
  • Danny C., Jr.

    2 years 1993 VA
  • Baby Boy B.

    2 months 1/93 CA
  • David W.

    3 years 1/93 FL
  • Michael L.

    2 years 1/93 MD
  • Amy M.

    2 months 2/93 FL
  • Baby Boy J

    Infant 2/93 CO
  • Baby R.

    5 months 2/93 TX
  • Jamiel N.

    3 years 2/93 MI
  • Samantha Jo H.

    4 years 2/93 IL
  • Tommy E.

    3 months 2/93 IL
  • Unnamed

    Newborn 2/93 NY
  • Ditaya D.

    2 years 3/93 NY
  • Shayne B.

    4 years 3/93 NY
  • Brittany H.

    2 years 4/93 TX
  • Devon P.

    5 years 4/93 Washington DC
  • Jose Manual G.

    2 years 4/93 FL
  • Lauren J.

    Toddler 4/93 TX
  • Keeyan P.

    1 year 4/93 IL
  • Saraphina J.

    5 months 4/93 IL
  • Thomas M.

    10 months 4/93 Washington, DC
  • Thomas O.

    10 months 4/93 Washington, DC
  • Tiffany G.

    1 year 4/93 TX
  • Joseph W.

    3 years 4/93 IL
  • A.J. S.

    10 years 5/93 FL
  • Ariel H.

    5 months 5/93 IL
  • Brandon J.

    9 months 5/93 FL
  • Donnell R.

    2 years 5/93 VA
  • Donnell S.

    2 years 5/93 FL
  • Ryan P.

    6 months 5/93 IL
  • Jasmine K.

    2 years 5/93 IL
  • Jermey B.

    2 1/2 years 5/93 FL
  • Myowsha H.

    1 year 5/93 IL
  • Robert Earl J.

    2 years 5/93 FL
  • Tish P.

    Toddler 5/93 TX
  • Lindsay C.

    3 weeks 6/93 CO
  • Adrain Adam B.

    3 years 7/93 Washington, DC
  • Cimantha S.

    10 days 7/93 IL
  • Latoya H.

    8 years 7/93 CA
  • Tiarah B.

    2 years 7/93 IL
  • Jeremy A.

    3 months 8/93 IL
  • Kevin K.

    3 years 8/93 IL
  • Michael C.

    2 years 8/93 IL
  • Saleem B.

    1 year 8/93 NY
  • Anonymous

    3 years 9/93 CA
  • Denise R.

    2 years 9/93 OH
  • Louis M.

    2 years 9/93 TX
  • Robert Ward S.

    8 years 9/93 Washington, DC
  • Britanny S.

    5 years 10/93 MI
  • Corey S.

    2 years 10/93 IL
  • Jonathan B.

    6 months 10/93 FL
  • Tonya H.

    2 months 10/93 IL
  • Cecilia R.

    2 years 11/93 Washington, DC
  • Kayla B.

    8 months 11/93 FL
  • Kieran D.

    10 months 11/93 NY
  • Latisha L.

    15 months 11/93 NY
  • Richard S.

    4 months 11/93 IL
  • Shawna R.

    15 months 11/93 NY
  • Tommy B.

    4 years 11/93 FL
  • Baby Girl C.

    Infant 12/93 CA
  • Joseph H.

    3 years 12/93 MD
  • Michael M.

    Infant 12/93 IL
  • Unidentified

    17 months 12/93 FL
  • 1994

  • Erick S.

    16 months 1994 IL
  • TeSean B.

    2 months 1994 Washington, DC
  • Tyler J.

    3 years 1994 CA
  • Baby Girl B.

    3 months 1/94 IL
  • Baby W.

    2 years 1/94 TX
  • Kelly J.

    4 months 1/94 IL
  • Roosevelt B.

    5 months 1/94 IL
  • Jackie W.

    7 years 2/94 MD
  • Carol Jean W.

    Toddler 3/94 FL
  • Jasmine B.

    1 � years 3/94 TX
  • Tenicha N.

    8 months 3/94 FL
  • Andre R.

    1 year 4/94 IL
  • Baby Girl W

    2 years 4/94 FL
  • Daryl B., Jr.

    2 years 4/94 IL
  • Jodi S.

    3 years 4/94 FL
  • Tyesha D.

    1 year 4/94 TX
  • Corey T.

    3 years 5/94 Washington, DC
  • Michael R.

    1 month 5/94 FL
  • Raychell O.

    4 years 5/94 NY
  • Unidentified

    3 years 5/94 FL
  • Anaberta J.

    8 months 6/94 TX
  • Baby Boy A.

    14 months 6/94 CA
  • Baby Boy D.

    Toddler 6/94 FL
  • Charles S.

    10 years 6/94 IL
  • Eric D.

    2 years 8/94 RI
  • Christina H.

    7 years 9/94 FL
  • Damian G.

    2 years 10/94 FL
  • Dayton B.

    5 months 10/94 FL
  • Sasha G.

    4 years 11/94 FL
  • Baby Girl Doe

    Age Unknown 12/94 FL
  • Joey F.

    3 weeks 12/94 FL
  • Rafael J.

    8 years 12/94 FL
  • Tiffany G.

    4 months 12/94 FL
  • Taylor B.

    24 days 1995 CA
  • Baby Boy T.

    4 months 1/95 FL
  • Jonathan A.

    5 weeks 1/95 PA
  • Felicia B.

    1 � years 2/95 MI
  • Baby Doe

    Newborn 7/95 CA
  • Elisa I.

    6 years 11/95 NY
  • Travonne J.

    13 months 1/96 CA
  • David P.

    2/96 2 � years CO
  • Joselyn H.

    2 years 6/96 CA
  • Baby Boy Doe

    Newborn 8/96 CA
  • Baby L.

    7 years 8/96 CA
  • Baby Doe

    Age Unknown 9/96 CA
  • Baby Doe

    Age Unknown 9/96 CA
  • Kameron D.

    2 years 10/96 CA
  • Valerie S.

    12 years 1/96 VA
  • Luis Jaime F.

    9 years 2/97 CA
  • Baby Girl

    6 months 3/97 Australia
  • Rita F.

    9 years 7/97 MD
  • Baby Girl G.

    5 months ?
  • Cody J.

    19 months ? CO
  • Francisco L.

    2 � years ? IL
  • Jimmie W.

    2 years ? IL


Toward Morning
- Author Unknown

Sometimes when I wake up early
In the morning before it is light.
I hear my boy talking in his crib.
If I rise upon my elbow very
Gently so that he will not see me,
I can see him there in the dim light,
Dark eyes with his fat hands
Clasped together or patting one another.
All the while he makes those tender,
Inarticulate sounds in his own language.

To whom is he speaking in the dark,
Toward morning?
He is still so near Heaven,
This little one
Is he talking in the language
Of the angels to some visitor
Invisible to me, but seen
By his pure eyes?
Is he making a report
Of his day's events,
His own progress,
Or asking after the welfare
Of others he loves
In the land he left so
Short a time ago?
Perhaps the angel who
Cared for him comes
In that holy hour, to sit with
Him and love him yet awhile

Toward morning.

Dear God,

I didn't think orange
went with purple until
I saw the sunset
you made on Tuesday.
That was cool.

- Eugene

Here's to the kids who are different
The kids who don't always get A's
The kids who have ears
Twice the size of their peers
or noses that go on for days.
Here's to the kids who are different.
The kids who are just out of step.
The kids they all tease
who have cuts on their knees
and whose sneakers are constantly wet.
Here's to the kids who are different.
The kids with a mischievous streak.
For when they have grown as
history has shown
it's their difference that make
them unique.

- Digby Wolf

Young Artist
- Mary R. Hurley

"Well now, what are you drawing, Darling?"
I asked my little girl as she sketched in
Sweeping arcs and lines that
Dashed and whirled.

"Oh, Mommy, I'm drawing a happy day,
A pretty day," she said;
"It begins here where the sun peeks in
And I jump out of bed."

"Well, it sure is bright and busy, like
A day made just for you!"
Then she said, "Yes, it does seem
I've so many things to do."

"And what's this squiggle in you day
Shaped something like a heart?"
She said, "Oh, Mommy, you know ---
That's the when-you-hug-me part!"

There's nothing like being
a baby. Our earliest childhood
is a time of wonder and joy,
of innocence and warmth. It is
a time of first discoveries, of
first steps and first blunders ---
the first encounter with the
universe. No matter how our world
may change, babies will continue
to be little bundles of all that is
best in our world and in our nature.

Wonder of Life
- Herbert Hover

Children are the most wholesome part of the
human race, the sweetest, for they are
freshest from the hand of God.

Whimsical, ingenious, mischievous, they fill
the world with joy and good humor.
We adults live a life of apprehension as
to what they will think of us; a life
of defense against their terrifying
energy; a life of hard work to live up
to their great expectations. We put
them to bed with a sense of relief ---
and greet them in the morning with
delight and anticipation. We envy
them the freshness of adventure and
the discovery of life.

In all these ways, children add to the
wonder of being alive. In all these
ways, they help to keep us young.

Somewhere The Child
- Kate Douglas Wiggin

Among the thousands of tiny things
growing up all over the land,
some of them under my very wing ---
watched and tended, unwatched and
untended, loved, unloved, protected
from danger, thrust into temptation ---
among them somewhere is the child
who will write the novel that will
stir men's hearts to nobler issues
and incite them to better deeds.

There is the child who will paint
the greatest picture or carve the greatest
statue of the age; another who will
deliver his country in an hour of peril;
another who will give his life for
a great principle; and another, born
more of the spirit than of the flesh,
who will live continually on the
heights of moral being, and
dying, draw men after him.

It may be that I shall preserve
one of these children to the race.
It is a peg big enough on which
to hang a hope, for every child
born into the world is a new
incarnate thought of God, an ever
fresh and radiant possibility.

Dear God,

I am doing the best I can.

- Frank

Enter this Deserted House
- Shel Silverstein

But please walk softly as you do. Frogs dwell here and crickets too.

Isn't a ceiling, only blue Jays dwell here and sunbeams too.

Floors are flowers --- take a few. Ferns grow here and daisies too.

Whoosh, swoosh --- too-whit, too-woo, Bats dwell here and hoot owls too.

Ha-ha-ha, hee-hee, hoo, hooo, Gnomes dwell here and goblins too.

And my child, I thought you knew I dwell here... and so do you.

Second Born
- Henry Dierkes

In poems, you are a pearl
Or a dewdrop,
Something precious, something fragile;
A star is our cradle,
Angels and fairies attend you
In poems...

To me you are soft flesh
With jolly feather-hairs upon your head
And little thoughts going round
Inside it.

I might be a poet, though,
And you my poem,
For in my arms is cradled
Something fragile
Something precious.

Where the Sidewalk Ends
- Shel Silverstein

There is a place where
The sidewalk ends
And before the street begins,
And there the grass grows
Soft and white,
And there the sun burns
Crimson bright,
And there the moon-bird rests
From his flight
To cool in the peppermint wind.

Let us leave this place where
The smoke blows black
And the dark street winds
And bends.
Past the pits where the
Asphalt flowers grow.
We shall walk with a walk that
Is measured and slow,
And watch where the
Chalk-white arrows go
To the place where the
Sidewalk ends.

Yes we'll walk with a walk
That is measured and slow,
And we'll go where the
Chalk-white arrows go,
For the children, they mark,
And the children, they know
The place where the sidewalk ends.

One laugh of a child
will make the holiest day
more sacred still.

- R.G. Ingersoll