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Welcome to the YesICAN Chat Room

What is this chat room?

The YesICAN chat room is to be used by individuals who wish to discuss issues around surviving child abuse, parenting and domestic violence. The YesICAN chat room is available to those who need support. It is not to be used by individuals who are in need of information for a term paper or research.

What is a facilitated chat group?

A facilitated chat group is a support group for individuals who are dealing with surviving the effects of child abuse and/or domestic violence and want to work on their healing, parents who want to work on their parenting skills, and individuals, who are in close relationship with a survivor of abuse. This two-hour group is led by a YesICAN facilitator and it focuses on the topic of the scheduled group along with other issues that affect survivors.These groups are not therapy nor are they a substitution for therapy.

What is a facilitator?

A facilitator is someone who has completed the YesICAN training program taught by a licensed therapist through the International Child Abuse Network, Inc. Their training has addressed issues surrounding child abuse, adult survivors, domestic violence, significant others and parenting. A facilitator has also been trained in crisis intervention and group process. A facilitator is NOT a licensed therapist. A facilitator will only be available during scheduled group times.

Internet Safety

The Internet is a wonderful source of information and support, however, it is important to always be vigilant with the safety of those who use it. Always use caution when giving out personal information (i.e. e-mail, instant messaging handles, telephone numbers, etc.) to someone you have met in any chat room or message board. It is important to consider ones’ safety at all times. Before giving out any personal information consider how much you know about the person you are giving this information to and whether you can trust that this individual will use the information you have given wisely. If you have just met, you don’t know enough about the person to be giving him/her any personal data.

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