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Our Mission
Working World Wide to Stop the Silence and Cycle of Abuse

The International Child Advocacy Network, Inc. (YesICAN) is a leading global provider of online information for those who have issues around child abuse. It is our mission to work worldwide to break the silence and cycle of abuse. We believe that child abuse could cease to exist if everyone had the capability to receive accurate, up-to-date information about abuse and then had the capacity to receive assistance and support to change.

How We Make a Difference

Our website provides information, statistics, and definitions of abuse. We also have the YesICAN Community where individuals who have questions regarding child abuse and domestic violence can join with others to discuss various concerns and ideas around these topics.

The premier service of our organization is our facilitated chat groups. In these groups we offer an opportunity for abused children and adults to speak with others and to get council and support from trained facilitators. These facilitators have gone through a 60-hour training lead by a Licensed Therapist. To date, we have had over 44,000 participants in our chat rooms. We run specialized chat groups for teens, adult-survivors, victims of domestic violence, individuals who are in close relationship with abuse survivors and parents.

Our Current Focus

Our focus for now, is the development of an on-line parenting program. In this 6-8 week program, individuals will receive training in non-violent parenting. This training will include dynamics of both physical and emotional development, and appropriate discipline. In addition, each member of the program will have access to support groups where the topic of each weeks' training session will be discussed. During this time specific issues and concerns that come up for each participant will be shared in a safe and supportive environment.

It is our hope that in the future, we will provide an international support forum, specifically targeting military personnel and their dependents that are based outside of the United States.


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In Memorial

Memorial List

We keep this list in honor of the children who have died from the injuries infliected upon them as a result of child abuse.

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